Meet our happy herd

So you can be sure that our jersey cows are the happiest herd in Australia,
 we thought you might like to meet the "girls"!


Ladies who lunch


Our girls are only milked once a day, early in the morning, meaning that they can spend the rest of day enjoying our lush grass.


Family Farming

A family affair

We have been milking for 5 generations, and most of our girls have been bred on the farm and are 3rd generation descendants.


The real producers

Working hard...(almost)

We can't really take the credit for our premium raw milk, after all our herd does all the hard work.


No stress

No stress

By keeping our herd small we ensure that there is no stress involved in the milking process for either us or the girls!


Wongawallan Valley

Heaven in a bottle

Situated in the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland, Wallan Vale Dairy is a small slice of heaven.


All natural

100 percent natural

Our farm has been employing organic principles for the past decade, so you are only getting all natural raw milk.